Technic 3pcs Contour Stix Set

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Technic Contour Stix Contouring Crayons enable you to shape and contour your face in 1-2-3 easy to follow steps complete with diagrams on the back of the package. Sculpt and define bone structure using this handy kit to create cheekbones.

Set Contains: 3 Crayons

1 x Technic Contour Crayon - Ideal for thinly defining the curves of the cheekbones, temple and jawline. Use fine lines around both sides of the nose for extra distinction.

1 x Light Crayon - Used to highlight features forward.

1 x Highlight Crayon - Brighten and complete the overall look by adding this above any aforementioned areas, as this will really help to balance the darker definition and contrast against the darker shadows created in step one.

3 x 2.8g

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